Thursday, July 24, 2014

7-8, 12-13, Psalm 36:6-11, Matthew 13:10-17


Jeremiah 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13, Psalm 36:6-11, Matthew 13:10-17

Jeremiah 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13

My Beloved, at the time of Your visitation when I encountered You in a way I never had before and declared You Lord and master of my life, it was truly life changing moment and a time of personal discovery in my relationship with You.  Just as You chose Israel of all the nations to be Your people and revealed Yourself to her as her Lord and her God, so did You reveal Yourself to me and in turn, I fell passionately in love with You.  

I know I am infinitesimally small, nevertheless it was with all the passion and fervor I am capable of.  I had never known before that I was Your chosen, Your delight, the one You called by name.  In fact my name is carved on the palm of Your hand.  This discovery was truly a honeymoon period when every discovery of the depth, length, height and breadth of Your love for me made me dizzy with joy.  I was holy because You clothed me in Your holiness, I was fruitful because You tended me and protected me.  You let me drink deep at the fountain of joy but I was not faithful.  I turned away in time taking Your love and faithfulness for granted.  But You are merciful and gracious and when I repented You relented and forgave all my sins and restored all I had lost and more.

So too will You have mercy on the world and its inhabitants.  They have departed from Your Word to follow every other false doctrine, embracing the lies of the devil and touting every kind of sin and immorality as good.  You will honor Your Covenant with mankind and You will draw all back once we hit rock bottom and there will be no other way but to reach out and take Your hand and be rescued.

Have mercy on the world O Lord and hear the cries of Your faithful remnant.  Save Your people and bring back  all who have turned on Your Church and wounded her.  In unity with You alone is wholeness and peace.

Psalm 36:6-11

In these verses my Beloved, we affirm all we know to be true in the Covenant relationship You have made with us.  

Verse 6
Your love, O God, reaches the heavens; your faithfulness, to the clouds.

You are faithful, loving, king, gracious and merciful.  Your love is unfailing and Your promises to us will be fulfilled.  You live in fullness in Your Church and here all who come to You find refuge in Your shadow.  Here we are fed with the finest wheat and we drink the living water that streams from your Sacred heart.  We receive light and life form You and in You we share Your inheritance as children of God.

Matthew 13:10-17

My Beloved, to those who answer Your call and are faithful to Your teaching, You unlock the treasures of wisdom and flood our soul with understanding and knowledge - Gifts of Your Spirit.  You share glorious secrets of Truth that are hidden from minds that are coarsened by sin, who walk in darkness and are bloated with weakness for they drink from the tainted pools of worldly wisdom.  The foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of the wicked.

To those who have You will grant greater abundance.  You will expand their spirit so they can hold ever more as Your pour Your infinite grace and understanding of heavenly Truths.

Those who have little find that no matter how hard they try to understand things divine they will only grow more confused for their senses are coarsened by sin, their spirit is blunted because  indulgence of the flesh has overpowered it.  The more they refuse to delight in the love and law of God the more will they distance themselves from truth, beauty and wisdom. Whereas those who believe and have accepted Your Lordship over the lives and live by Your Word will be like trees planted beside streams of water and will receive all that You desire to give them and they will bear fruit for Your glory.

All that was promised, hinted at and prophesied in the Old Testament created a desire and a longing for You the Messiah but we have been privileged to know You, Love You and live in You.  

Thank You!

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