Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Acts 16:22-34, Psalm 138:1-3, 7c,8, John 16:5-11


Acts 16:22-34, Psalm 138:1-3, 7c, 8, John 16:5-11

Acts 16:22-34

My Beloved, once again we see how a whole household is saved.  Paul and Silas are thrown in jail their feet fastened to stocks.  Instead of bemoaning their fate and being despondent they sing and praise God who in turn frees them through a severe earthquake that causes their chains to be dislodged and the cell doors to burst open.

Neither chains nor closed doors are barriers to You my Lord.  You go where You will.  The frightened jailer would have taken his own life had not Paul assured him that neither he nor the other prisoners had escaped. The jailer was aware that a higher power was at work in Paul and Silas' favor and he desired to be counted among those that are saved.  He was told that he must believe in You.  They spoke the Word of God to him and the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit brought salvation to all in that house.

The first act they performed as Christians was one of service.  Filled with joy, he served God's anointed servants; he took care of them, tended their wounds and fed them.  

Beloved, grant that we too never lose any opportunity to serve Your anointed.

Psalm 138:1-3, 7c, 8

With You beside me I fear no evil, no power can overcome me for You are with me.  With Your outstretched hand, You reach for me and save me.  You are kind, good and just and You care for me as no other.  Your kindness leads me on each day and I know You will never forsake me.

John 16:5-11

My Beloved, You speak of going to the Father and all that the Apostles can grasp is the fact that You will be going away from them.  They are grief stricken.  For 3 years they were Your closest companions giving up everything in order to remain with You and now they are faced with the possibility of never seeing You, whom they all love so ardently, again.  They are bereft with sorrow.  You assure them that You will remain true to Your promise.  You will not abandon them but You must go in order to send Your Holy Spirit upon them so the ongoing work of the Father continues.

We need the Helper, the Holy Spirit without whom we would be unable to live a life pleasing to You and the Father.  He reveals the sin of the world, the sin of rejection of the Son of God, He reveals the Way of righteousness, the way to the Kingdom of God which was marked by You - there is no other.  The narrow way is the Way of the Cross, the way of suffering and self denial and is the only way that leads to life eternal.  The Holy Spirit will enable us to understand that the judgement has already taken place - the judgement that Satan, death and the powers of darkness and evil have been overcome by You.  We have no reason to be afraid for You my Beloved have triumphed and we have triumphed with You.

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