Friday, November 15, 2013

Wisdom 13:1-9, Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 17:26-37


Wisdom 13:1-9, Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 17:26-37

Wisdom 13:1-9

My Beloved, it is indeed a terrible sorrow and shame that the world is full of people who worship the works but overlook the Author and Creator of all things. They are empty and dissatisfied for one cannot substitute the gifts for the Giver for no created thing can satisfy.

We look at the beauty of the night sky, the dawn the dusk, the sunset, rivers, seas, birds and we are almost drunk by the heady fragrance and sound of the beauty of creation.  The power and fury of the elements.  We mistake the beauty and the power for God and never stop for a moment there is One greater who created all out of nothing.  He spoke a Word and He breathed a Breath, His Ruah and so all things came to be.

Yet my Beloved, You make allowances for them and yet not completely for in contemplating the beauty of the created we must be led into discovering the Creator.

Psalm 19:2-5

The Psalmist knows and exults in the knowledge that all things in the created world testify and witness to the hand of God who is, who was and ever shall be.  The beauty of nature constantly draws our senses, our hearts  and minds to wonder and awe of the God who created all things.  We fall on our knees in adoration and worship as nature delivers a wordless homily on the power and might of God in the works of His hand.

Luke 17:26-37

My Beloved, the world today is drawn inward upon itself.  It is is minutely self-absorbed in all the trivialities of their personal lives forgetting completely the larger picture, the divine canvas, the call, the mission, the purpose of their existence on earth.  They are so wrapped up in what will fade, wither, die, rot and become dust and they spend not a moment on contemplating the eternal, the immortal soul is gasping for the Breath of the Spirit while the flesh is raised on a pedestal and daily worship is being offered to a body that will soon become a rotting carcass.  It will be to our benefit to remember verse 33 Whoever tries to save his life will lose himself, but whoever gives his life will be born again.

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