Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DANIEL 2:31-45, DANIEL 3:57-61, LUKE 21:5-11


DANIEL 2:31-45, DANIEL 3:57-61, LUKE 21:5-11

DANIEL 2:31-45

My Beloved, just as it is You gives power to the heads of nations so also can they be toppled and smashed into smithereens, we have seen this happen through the course of history.  Kingdoms have come and gone.  Rulers, dictators, presidents, emperors and other heads of state have all had their moment  for good or ill.  Each ultimately  stands before the just Judge to give an account of their rule and power.  In the end it is Your rule over all the earth that is constant and will overcome and prevail.  Your Kingdom is being formed on earth in the hearts of all who believe.  It is an everlasting Kingdom.  You have established it and You are bringing it to fullness and completion.  You will come again to take Your place as King of kings and Lord of lords before whom all will bow and pay homage as our only Ruler and Judge.
DANIEL 3:57-61

All that is was and ever shall be will praise You, bless You and exalt You forever.  All that lives, moves,breathes and is will bless, praise and exalt You forever.  All who know You are the only begotten Son of the most High God praise, bless and exalt You forever my Beloved!!

LUKE 21:5-11

My Beloved, You remind us today that nothing made by human hands will last.  All will perish.  The greatest edifice will crumble eventually into dust or stand in ruins or will vanish into memory or history like the magnificent temple in Jerusalem built by Herod.You predicted that no trace of the temple would be left.  Others have now occupied the place where the temple once stood and claim it.  Wars are fought and blood is shed  and though false prophecies abound that it will be rebuilt You say that will not happen.

Every man made structure no matter how strong and well guarded will be destroyed only the works of God will remain.  The power of God is mighty and no plan against Him or His will  can prevail.  All that You have prophesied my Beloved is true.  Peace without You will always be an elusive dream.  You are the Author of Life and the Prince of Peace as long for as we deny You a place in human affairs we will remain doomed to snarl at each other and tear each others throats.  No lasting peace is possible without You.

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