Monday, May 13, 2013

Acts 19:1-8, Psalm 68:2-7, John 16:29-33


Acts 19:1-8, Psalm 68:2-7, John 16:29-33

Acts 19:1-8

Paul and his companions were tireless in preaching the Gospel.  They were constantly looking to win more disciples for You making sure that the believers were well grounded in sound spirituality. They got personally involved in getting to know the brothers and sisters they ministered to on every level.  

If we desire to carry out the work that You have entrusted to us, we must receive the Sacraments frequently in order to become spiritually strong.  The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in our lives for without Him all that we endeavor to do is fruitless.

Conversion must lead to a fuller experience of You through Your Holy Spirit.  Who but the Spirit of God can reveal to us the Truth about God?

Psalm 68:2-7

My Beloved Lord, grant me a full measure of Your Holy Spirit so He can disperse the clouds of my indifference, self-indulgent habits, my lethargy and give me a heart on fire with zeal to work tirelessly for You as St. Paul did.  Only the Holy Spirit can fill my soul with joy so I can exult in You the whole day long.  Just as the Spirit makes His dwelling place in us, just as You make Your dwelling place in us in the Eucharist, so too do we come to You and rest in Your love.  Your Spirit can set us free from the bonds of sin and the tyranny of the flesh.  Free me Lord so I can worship You with my whole being all the days of my life.

John 16:29-33

My Beloved, You never promised that life here on earth will be one of ease and plenty.  If we desire to be Your followers then You will challenge us to live our faith fully.  Being disciples means being witnesses and being witnesses means that we will sometimes be hated and rejected and perhaps persecuted as well.  We must be ready to suffer as You did.  

Merely believing in You is not enough - the Apostles believed and yet were scattered to the four winds by fright when You were arrested.  They did not hang around to offer You the comfort of their presence.  Instead of standing in solidarity with You they chose to run and hide. You do not condemn us because You know we are weak but You make provision for us to overcome our fear though grace made available by Your Holy Spirit through the worthy reception of the Sacraments.

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