Saturday, May 11, 2013

Acts 18:1-8, Psalm 98:1-4, John 16:16-20

 Acts 18:1-8, Psalm 98:1-4, John 16:16-20

Acts 18:1-8

God is generous and He gives in abundance.  He does not just save the individual as we have seen, but grants His grace to the entire household.  All believe are baptized and saved.

We first saw the jailer and his family are saved, then Lydia and her family and now we see Aquila and Priscilla's entire family become believers, all are baptized and saved. It is God's intention to extend His bounty to all if we believe.  

Beloved in verse 9 Paul has a vision in which it was revealed to him to continue his mission to preach boldly and not to let fear hold him back.  You promise to protect him.  All who put their faith, hope and trust in You my Lord and my God will never be abashed.

Psalm 98:1-4

True to the mission with which You entrusted Your Apostles and disciples they have taken the Good News to the ends of the earth.  All nations revere You and all peoples everywhere praise Your Holy Name.  They speak of Your mighty deed.  You are a God of love and Your faithfulness lasts from generation to generation.  Those who know You lift radiant faces, lit up with joy because they have tasted Your goodness, kindness, mercy and experienced Your faithful love.  You are a God who saves.

John 16:16-20

My Beloved, You do not leave us who love You orphans.  Sorrow and heartbreak turn into joy when You descend in us and make Your home in us through Your Holy Spirit.  He reveals to us the Truth about You, about God's plan of salvation and Your faithfulness in executing that plan to perfection. Everyone is saved and all can come to the knowledge of the Truth of God embodied in You through the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that binds us to You and the Father and makes known to us everything that the Father has done for us in redeeming us and saving us through the Cross and sanctifying us thorugh the powerful presence of His Own Spirit in us.  We are one with You and the Father and one with each other through Your Holy Spirit.

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