Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Acts 7:51:---8:1a, Psalm 31:3cd-8a, 17 & 21ab, John 6:30-35


Acts 7:51:---8:1a, Psalm 31:3cd-8a, 17 & 21ab, John 6:30-35


Acts 7:51:---8:1a

A closed heart is one that is perverse and stubborn.  It refuses to believe and resists the Truth that is self-evident.  It would rather believe a convoluted lie than the unvarnished, untarnished Truth which is as clear as the light of day.  A closed heart prefers the night and the dark so its evil deeds are cloaked and hidden, it deceives itself that even God cannot see the evil that it plots.  Darkness leads to death and darkness seeks to kill, murder, pillage and ravage. It blindly refuses to see and acknowledge the true, good, wise and beautiful and ultimately it is incapable of seeing and recognizing the good.  All the black hatred in the heart rises like a miasma and suffocates with murderous rage and destroys.  

But the pure heart that believes is a heart filled with the love of God.  It rejoices in good and hates evil.  It is full of grace, goodness and courage.  It is not afraid to stand up for the Truth.  It is bold and noble and will not be silenced.  It will not cower and is prepared to lay down its life for what it knows to be the Truth.

A heart that believes is a heart this is a reflection of the Son of God and because it lives in Him, it is invincible and victorious.

Psalm 31:3cd-4, 6, 7b, 8a, 17 & 21ab

My Beloved, those who believe in You will find that You are our rock, refuge, fortress and safety. Our stronghold and our guide. We are safe in You and we yield joyfully in glad submission to Your most holy and perfect will, for we know that it is You who have first loved us.  You redeemed us and You O Lord our God are faithful and so we trust in You.  

Your love O Lord is our food and drink.  In the knowledge of Your love, our soul is filled as with a banquet and we are satisfied. 

Let Your Face shed its light upon me my Beloved and may I reflect this same light in a world darkened by sin.  Your love has saved me, this is the Good News that I must share with others too.  You shelter me in Your Presence.  You clothe me in Your Love. You safeguard me from the wiles and plots of those who set traps for me. You enfold me in Your heart.  Thank You!!

John 6:30-35

The miraculous sign is the Sign of the Cross, the Sign of Contradiction, the Sign of the Son of God lifted high above the world.  The Holy One pierced for our sins becomes our Food and our Drink.  He is the Bread of Life.  We approach the Banquet that He sets for us at the Eucharistic table - He is the Altar of Sacrifice and the Lamb of Sacrifice.  A willing Victim offered for the sins of the world.  In response to our cry, "Give us this Bread always." You respond, "Here I am. The Bread is My Own Flesh and the Wine is My Blood - eat and You will never know hunger again, drink and You will never thirst.  Thank You my Lord and my God.

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