Monday, January 28, 2013

Hebrews 9:15, 24-28, Psalm 98:1-6, Mark 3:22-30


Hebrews 9:15, 24-28, Psalm 98:1-6, Mark 3:22-30

Hebrews 9:15, 24-28

My Beloved, God has appointed You as the only Mediator between Him and us.  Only You can approach the Father and make intercession for us at the right hand from where You rule all creation.  Only You who robed Yourself in human flesh, becoming incarnate of the Virgin Mother Mary through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Most High God, can understand our weaknesses and so plead for mercy.  The New Covenant is a covenant of love sealed in Your Blood.  You have made perfect atonement for our sins and You make it possible for us to approach the Throne of Grace.  

Our inheritance is nothing less than the Kingdom of Heaven, for You make us co-heirs and adopted sons and daughters of the living God.  In baptism we plunge into death to sin and we rise to new life in You.

You died once and You took away the fear and sting of death.  When we stand before the righteous Judge, we will face You who took upon Yourself our sin, our guilt and our shame. You opened heaven for us and ensured our place which was prepared for us before time.

Thank You my Love and my own Beloved.

Psalm 98:1-6

Verse 3  You will never forget that You love me nor will You ever cease to be faithful to the Covenant of Love that You have made with me.
Mark 3:22-30

My Beloved, it is true that You are mercy and tender compassion and all Your judgments against our wanton disobedience and sinfulness are tempered with Your understanding that we are weak.  The Father is love.  It is He whose plan of salvation sent You into the world to become like us in order to ransom us, free us from eternal death and damnation, taking our place and dying for us by paying the price for our freedom with Your life.

However You tell us in verses 29-30 in no uncertain terms that slander against the Holy Spirit will be neither tolerated nor forgiven.  Anyone who dares to sin against the Holy Spirit is guilty and will be damned forever.

To slander the Holy Spirit is to deny all that God is.  It is to deny the Love of God and the Power of God.  The Father and the Son are poured out into the other in eternal agape love which is the Holy Spirit and that is why slander against the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin.

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