Monday, July 2, 2012

Amos 2:6-10, 13-16, Psalm 50:16-23, Matthew 8:18-22

                                                                    Psalm 50:16-23, 
                                                                    Matthew 8:18-22

My Beloved, pseudo intellectuals are bending over backwards to accomodate the evil in mens's hearts by laying the blame for every kind of sin at the door of flawed genes, and even on the food we eat and the air we breathe.  They would rather twist the truth than fault the culture of the day for its excesses in our way of living.  They call sin by every name imaginable except by its right name so we can lull our conscience, and not feel guilty.  The most heinous crimes are committed against the poor and the helpless.  Those who strive to lead holy lives and image You in the world are often persecuted, ridiculed and laughed at because they have the ability to stir alive and make uncomfortable the conscience of those that are not completely dead.  Beloved, when the wrath of our anger is directed towards us there will be no safe place to hide except in Your Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother.

My Beloved, if our hearts are full of evil, how can we talk of the things of God.  We live in times when every form of evil is being paraded as good.  The innocence of children is being systematically destroyed and parents seem helpless.  The poor are made poorer, the weak, the sick and the most vulnerable are being exploited in every way and the little they possess is swallowed by those who have become bloated with ill-gotten gain.  Many have turned their back on You because they find that they cannot face You.  The burden of their guilt and shame seems to them too great and foolishly they hide from You.  They believe that they cannot be forgiven for they have sinned too greviously.  But we know that You are a God of love, pity, mercy and compassion.  You even hear the prayers of those who make reparation on behalf of sinners in imitation of You, our Redeemer, and hearing our cry You will relent and bring everyone back to the Father's house.

Beloved, why did You wish to get away from the crowds who were pressing around You?  Is it because their hearts were far away from You, and were not there to hear You preach and teach, rather they were there for selfish reasons? 

Why did You discourage the teacher of the law from following You, did You know his intent?  Being a teacher of the law was he so shaped and set by his own intellect that he was incapable of emptying himself completely and embracing Your teachings and Your commandments to love and serve?    Did You wish to disabuse him of the notiion that Your disciples lived a life of ease and comfort?  You wanted to impress on him the fact that You had no place to call Your Own.

Why did You invite the other disciple in the Gospel to follow You?  Did You see his capacity to love and to serve?  Did You see the generosity of his spirit?  Did You notice that indecision and human consideration were the only barriers that prevented him from making a whole hearted committment to follow You?  Did You know that he had all that was needed to make a good disciple all he needed to get his priorities right was a prod in the right direction?  

How do You see me Lord?  In which category would You place me  - with the teacher of the law who may have been too full of himself to have room for You or the man who was more concerned with fulfilling  earthly committments rather than seeking and following the divine will?

Correct me Lord and draw me into a deep and abiding relationship with You.

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