Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1 KINGS 17:7-17, PSALM 4:2-5, 7b-8, MATTHEW 5:13-16

                                                                    MATTHEW 5:13-16

KINGS 17:7-17

There is a famine, there has been no rain for many years but God has already made provision for the widow and her son that will see her through the drought and the famine until He permits the rain to fall again.  However, there is something that she must do first.  She must be prepared to share the little she has with the prophet Elijah in exactly the same manner in which the widow dropped the two copper coins into the temple treasury - it was all she had to live on.  Obedient to the request of the prophet she complied and provided him with water and a little piece of bread and she was rewarded as abundantly as only God can reward.  God exaggerates our generosity like a proud Father giving us more credit than we deserve only seeking the slightest excuse to give us pressed down and shaken over from the rich, never ending store house of grace and blessings.

Beloved, grant me the generosity of spirit that both these widows had.  It is a generosity that is most pleasing to You and moves You to respond with overwhelming graciousness.  teach me not to count the cost to myself rather give me open hands, an open heart and a generous spirit always.  Through me may perennial blessings flow and may neither the jar nor the jug ever be empty but filled always with the life and love of Your Holy Spirit.

PSALM 4:2-5, 7b-8

The experience of the Psalmist has been mine as well.  You have always answered when I called.  You have been extremely kind to me and mine.  You have taught me to keep a check on my words and not speak one unnecessary or unkind word.  You  have given me the grace to quiet my mind and still my soul each night and rest in You till sleep comes to my eyes.  Your favor has always been upon me.  You fill me each day at Your Banquet of Love as I feast on Your Body and Blood at each celebration of the Eucharist.  You have placed Your joy in my heart and and You claim me as Your own.  What more could I ever need or want Beloved?  NOTHING, just as long as I have You.

MATTHEW 5:13-16

Beloved salt is used to bring out the flavor of food, it is also used to preserve it and to keep it from spoiling.  You call me to be salt.  Salt has a definite purpose and it must be used in accordance with that purpose.  My life too has a definite purpose.  It has been given to me to glorify the Triune God, to acknowledge the Father's love, to offer Him a grateful heart for His plan for my redemption and salvation which I have received through You, His Beloved Son and to receive Your gift of the Holy Spirit in order that I may live a life empowered with His help and grace. You have given me a mission.  My mission is the same as that given to Your Church.  I am called to go out and spread the Good News to the ends of the world.

I am also called to be light - Your light.  Granted it is only a small one but by its light I must brighten the way for those who walk with me.  Its light must help the lost find their way and come back home to the Father.  As salt and light I must understand that the whole purpose of my life is to serve God through my service to my neighbor.  I must render praise and glory to Him and draw others to do the same  as well.  I begin on earth what I will do eternally in heaven.

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