Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1 Peter 1:10-16, Psalm 98:1-4, Mark 10:28-31

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS:  1 Peter 1:10-16, Psalm 98:1-4, Mark 10:28-31

1 Peter 1:10-16

My Beloved, the prophets of the Old Testament with the wisdom and knowledge received from the Holy Spirit spoke of things too marvellous to comprehend, without the insight that is now ours after You came to earth from heaven, to accomplish the mission given to You by Your Father.  A mission that culminated in Your Passion, Death, Resurrection, glorious Ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles at Pentecost.

We live in exceptional times where evil and good live side by side and there is a great battle being waged by both sides.  There have always been times in the Church's 2000 plus years long history when evil seemed to be winning and times when it seems that good was poised for victory.  What is consoling is the fact that we know the end of the story.  Good has triumphed over evil and death has been defeated.  We are living the last age before Your glorious second coming.  

St. Peter, our first Pope urges us to allow the Holy Spirit to reign in us without any hindrance so we may be wide awake, full of confident trust in the grace that You will pour upon those who have answered Your call to fight the good fight and complete the race.

The benchmark for holiness is always You and therefore we who are weak have to follow Your example daily and strive to be holy in every way possible.  We fall far short of the ideal standard set by God but it is the daily faithful, tireless struggle that is so pleasing to You and has merit in Your sight.

Mark 10:28-31

My Beloved, because live in a world where the wicked often prosper and the powerful lord it over the weak and the poor who live godly lives it is perhaps understandable when people question like St. Peter does in today's Gospel passage. Like him they too may wonder whether it is worth it to give up everything for Your sake and the sake of the Gospel.  Your response to Peter is the same response that You make to and to all who choose to follow You unconditionally.  Your reply should reassure us; especially those men and women who gave up everything to live consecrated lives.  They are dedicated to serving You in their service to Your people and Your Church.  They are wedded to You and so they become spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters to Your people.  The possess land that is provided by You in order to serve everyone in need in their schools, colleges, hospitals, technical institutes, orphanages, old age homes etc.  And in eternity You promise that their reward will indeed be great.  We have, however, to guard against pride and disobedience for this is abhorrent to You.  The proud, the haughty and the disobedient spirit will fall and be crushed.  It is the humble heart and the obedient spirit that will triumph and shine with Your Light in this life and brilliantly in You in the life to come.

Psalm 98:1-4

The mission You have entrusted to Your Church and to all Your faithful followers has succeeded.  Twelve simple men empowered with Your Holy Spirit have indeed taken the Good News of salvation to the ends of the earth.  We rejoice with the angels and are glad.

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