Thursday, May 3, 2012

1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Psalm 19:2-5, John 14:6-14

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS:  1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Psalm 19:2-5, John 14:6-14

1 Corinthians 15:1-8

My Beloved, You came to reveal the Good News of our salvation through Your incarnation, passion, death and resurrection.  This Good news has been handed down faithfully to us by the Apostles and the Church that You founded on Peter and the Apostles.  As they received it and handed it from You they have handed it down from generation to generation.  The Church guards this treasure which is the priceless deposit of our faith in her Apostolic Traditions and in the Magisterium which teaches in accordance with Your divine will.  The Church holds within herself all that is required for our salvation in the Sacraments that we receive through her Bridegroom who desires to work through her.  She is our Mother and she provides all that God has entrusted to her for the well being of His children who are born of her through the baptism of water, fire and the Holy Spirit. 

The Apostles have been faithful.  Those who have received the faith from them too have been faithful and Holy Mother Church will never deviate from the Truth - the Absolute Truth the Unchanging Truth.  This is the promise of her Bridegroom, that He through His Holy Spirit, will abide with her and never abandon her through the course of history and until time itself comes to an end and He will come in glory and majesty to claim His Bride.  The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.  Alleluia!!!

Psalm 19:2-5

Just as the Church preserves and hands over the Treasures of our faith from one generation to the next in all its power, beauty and pristine purity and clarity as she reveals to us the wonder, the power and the glory of the Almighty God; so too does nature convey to us the awesome, wisdom, power and goodness of the Creator in the beauty of all created things.  All of creation witnesses to God in its perfect order for they speak of Him who does all things well.

John 14:6-14

My Beloved, You do not have to say to me as You did to Philip, "What!  I have been with you so long and you still do not know Me, Philip?  Whoever sees Me sees the Father."  I can hear the pained expression in Your voice as You pose this question to him.

I know this my Lord, in knowing You I have experienced both the Father and the Holy Spirit.  The Triune God has visited me, embraced me, loved me, upheld me, comforted me, stooped over me lovingly and embraced me.  The Triune God has consoled me and wiped away my tears and filled me with an abundant joy and peace that is not of this world.

In belonging to You my Beloved I can call Your Father, Abba and Your Holy Spirit makes my poor, sinful body His Temple and His Sanctuary.

And best of all, I have You my Beloved and in having You, I have all that heaven holds.  


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